Today we know that 85-90 % of all our decisions are given unconsciously. Researchers have demonstrated that human beings make emotional decisions and then try to justify them rationally. Furthermore new findings in brain research suggest that the true decision maker is the old brain. The old brain only responds six stimuli. Incorporating these six stimuli will give fast access to the old brain and will immediately improve your ability to sell, convince and communicate. The old brain is self centered and people like to hear what you can do for them before they pay any kind of attention. Three people are important for us; me, myself and I’m…Because of that marketers use the word ‘you’ when they communicate you. Second stimulus is contrast. The old brain is sensitive to contrast such as before and after or fast or slow. Contrast allows the old brain make quick decisions. Third one is; tangible. Old brain needs tangible input, it barely understand words. It needs tangible concepts. And reptilian brain likes openings and finales. It forgets what happened in the middle. The old brain is visual. To use the right visual material always creates great impact. And finally old brain is triggered by emotion. Emotions have also a positive effect on the storage of information. Using emotions by marketers may help to influence consumers.

Neuromarketing and neuroscience allows us to understand ourselves also. I believe that learning how consumers make decisions can help us to create awareness that we are more mindful of the risk and excesses of consumerism.

We know that each year, over 400 billion dollars is invested in advertising campaigns. Yet, conventional methods for testing and predicting the effectiveness of those investments have generally failed because they depend on consumers’ willingness and competency to describe how they feel when they are exposed to an advertisement. Neuromarketing offers cutting edge methods for directly probing minds without requiring demanding cognitive or conscious participation.

Ethical issues will continue to discuss but standards have already been adopted to make sure that neuromarketing research is conducted with respect and transparency.


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